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Kathleen Kennedy Wood now resides in Newport, Rhode Island, with her husband William Wood. She is a member of the Newport Library, The Boys and Girls Club of Newport, and the Newport Preservation Society. She volunteers at the Newport Gift Store at the Newport Hospital in which her books are sold. She is also a volunteer for the Newport Secret Gardens tours which are held in the Spring and Fall Seasons. She is the author of two other books, Chateau Sur Mer: A Child’s View of Life at a Famous Newport Mansion, and Julie and Mary Go Sailing, which is a children’s book. Her books are sold at the Mansion gift store down at the Bowens Wharf in Newport, the Breakers, and also at Chateau Sur Mer Mansion in Newport. Her books are also available at,, and Kathleen is the mother of three daughters, Erin, Jennifer, and Erica. She also has two grandchildren, Adam and Julie, and a great-grandson, Isaac.

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