Download Krazy Kool Kinetic Sand: Play, Build, Stamp, and Sculpt with the Superhero of Sand ePub/PDF/Kindle books

Discover the awesome possibilities of Kinetic Sand, the sand with superpowers! This amazing futuristic material molds just like wet sand, yet leaves surfaces perfectly clean and dry. Shape it, roll it, slice it, sculpt it, stamp it, or build with it. Then watch it ooze, move, and melt away right before your eyes! Use this book to jump-start your creative process and explore the fun world of super sand. Krazy Kool Kinetic Sand is your guide to imaginative play with this addictively entertaining substance. Experiment, learn, and create with these inspiring activities for castles, pyramids, volcanoes, games, and more. So relax and get your hands in the sand. No beach required!
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